How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you attempting to revoke your Planet Fitness membership through the website? This guide will help you through the process whether you’ve reached your fitness objectives or have chosen to investigate different fitness possibilities. We are aware that life can sometimes surprise us, and your fitness journey may need to shift course. You can rest easy knowing that it’s simple to cancel your Planet Fitness membership online, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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1. Being Aware of the Cancellation Policy for Planet Fitness

It’s critical to comprehend Planet Fitness’ cancellation policy before beginning the cancellation process. It might be time and money-saving to be aware of the terms and conditions.

Depending on your membership type, Planet Fitness normally demands a commitment time that can change. If you want to prevent any further fees, it’s critical to cancel within the parameters of your contract.

2. Compile Required Information

Obtain the required information before starting the cancellation process:

  • Your key badge or membership ID from Planet Fitness.
  • Personal identity, such as your passport or driver’s license.
  • Contact information, such as your phone number and email address.
  • The cancellation process will go more quickly if you have these information handy.

3. Log on to the Member Area of Planet Fitness

Visit the Planet Fitness member portal on their official website once you have the necessary data. Use your personal information and your membership ID or key tag to log in.

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4. Find the Cancellation Option 

Go to the section for cancellation or membership options after logging in. Find the “Cancel Membership” or equivalent option. You can begin the cancellation procedure here.

5. Follow the Steps for Online Cancellation

A simple online cancellation method is available from Planet Fitness. You may be required to verify your identification, agree to the cancellation terms, and offer a justification for the cancellation if you don’t follow the instructions.

6. Examine the Refund Policy

Review the terms and conditions in detail before submitting your Planet Fitness membership cancellation. Make sure you are aware of any potential costs or commitments based on the sort of membership you have.

7. Managing Options for Membership Freeze

Investigate the Planet Fitness membership freeze alternatives if you’re thinking about terminating your Planet Fitness membership for momentary reasons, such as an injury or prolonged trip. With the helpful freeze option provided by Planet Fitness, you may temporarily suspend your subscription without completely canceling it. You can avoid having to sign up again when you’re ready to return by doing this.

To Freeze your Membership, Follow these Steps:

  • Log into the member area of Planet Fitness.
  • Go to the section for membership management.
  • The “Freeze Membership” option should be found.
  • Choose how long the freeze will last, then confirm your decision.
  • Though there may be a little price involved, freezing your membership is a sensible option if you intend to visit Planet Fitness again.

8. Reaching out to Planet Fitness Customer Service

Contact Planet Fitness customer service if you run into any issues with the online cancellation procedure or have any special queries about your membership. They have specialized teams available to help members with questions and problems.

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There are Several Methods for Contacting them:

  • Phone: Dial the Planet Fitness website’s customer service hotline.
  • Email: Use the customer service email address provided on the website to send an email.
  • Live Chat: For prompt assistance, several Planet Fitness locations provide live chat support.

You can get help from customer service if you have any problems or need assistance with the cancelling procedure.

9. Providing Proof of Your Cancellation

It’s a good idea to note the cancellation of your Planet Fitness membership for your records once you’ve completed the process successfully online. Any confirmation emails or texts that you get from Planet Fitness should be saved. If you ever need to show that you’ve cancelled your Planet Fitness membership, this documentation may come in handy.

10. Examining Membership Agreements and Requirements

Review your Planet Fitness membership agreement for a moment before starting the cancellation procedure. Numerous membership programs are available from Planet Fitness, each with their own conditions and obligations. Understanding the cancellation procedures for your particular membership type is essential.

11. Here are Some Important Aspects to Think About:

Commitment Period:

You might need to commit to a membership for a set amount of time, like 12 months. If you cancel before then, there can be further charges.

Annual Fees:

In addition to monthly dues, Planet Fitness frequently levies an annual fee. Be mindful of the payment deadline for this cost in connection with the cancellation date.

Cancellation Window:

Check to see if there is a time period within which you can cancel without being charged extra. Depending on your Planet Fitness membership kind and area, this changes.

By being aware of these facts, you may successfully plan your cancellation and steer clear of any unforeseen costs.


Online cancellation of your Planet Fitness membership is a quick and easy process that may be done at home. To ensure a seamless experience, don’t forget to read the cancellation terms and acquire the required information. We hope this information has helped you cancel your subscription, whether your fitness adventure takes you back to Planet Fitness or somewhere else.


How Long does it take to Online Cancel a Membership at Planet Fitness?

Typically, the online canceling procedure takes just a few minutes to complete.

Do I have to pay Anything if I want to Discontinue my Membership?

If you terminate your membership before the end of your commitment period, fees can be charged. The specifics of your contract are outlined in it.

Can I cancel my Planet Fitness Membership at the Gym?

The most practical cancellation method is online, but you can also ask about in-person cancellation at your nearby Planet Fitness facility.

What if I have Problems Canceling Online?

Contact Planet Fitness customer service for help if you run into any difficulties with the online cancellation process.

Will I get a Cancellation Confirmation?

Yes, as soon as your cancellation is handled, you ought to get an email confirmation.

Can I return to Planet Fitness later?

Certainly! Members of Planet Fitness are welcome to re-join at any time.

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