What is Hydromassage at Planet Fitness: The Ultimate Guide?


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The hydromassage equipment at your nearby Planet Fitness is a hidden gem when it comes to obtaining wellness and relaxation. The question “What is hydromassage?” You may have thought of something after hearing the term.. We’ll delve into the relaxing realm of hydro-massage, examine how Planet Fitness incorporates it into their services, uncover the advantages, offer step-by-step instructions, share real-life experiences, and address all your pressing questions in this thorough guide. Let’s start our journey toward renewal and relaxation.

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What is Hydromassage?

With the use of warm water and pressure to massage your body, this is a therapeutic treatment that offers numerous health advantages as well as relaxation. It’s the ideal method to relax and recharge, especially after a demanding workout. Let’s explore hydro-massage in greater detail and learn about its amazing benefits.

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Why Choose Hydromassage at Planet Fitness?

As a gym that emphasizes accessibility and affordability, Planet Fitness stands out. They are raising the bar for rest and recovery with their hydro-massage amenities. The following are some benefits of hydro-massage at Planet Fitness:

  • Affordability: Hydro-massage at Planet Fitness is accessible without a premium membership. It frequently comes as part of their basic membership packages, which makes it a fantastic value-added bonus.
  • Inclusion: Planet Fitness wants to provide a welcoming environment free from bias. This idea is nicely matched with massage, which provides all participants with a relaxing experience.

Benefits of Hydromassage

Let’s examine the many advantages of this now that we are clear on what it is and how it fits into the Planet Fitness experience.

  • Benefits for Reducing tension and Promoting Deep Relaxation: The warm water and soothing massage jets work together to reduce tension and foster profound relaxation. After an exhausting workout or a long day, it’s a great way to relax.
  • Muscle healing and Pain Reduction: Hydro-massage can hasten muscle healing and reduce pain. Your muscles may relax thanks to the water jets’ precise pressure, which leaves you feeling renewed and invigorated.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: During a hydro-massage session, the water’s hydrostatic pressure will help to improve blood flow throughout your body. More oxygen and nutrients will reach your muscles and tissues thanks to improved circulation.
  • Weight Loss and Fitness Objectives: While hydro-massage by itself won’t result in noticeable weight loss, it can support your exercise regimen. It can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss objectives by lowering stress and muscle tension.
  • Testimonials and Success Stories: Many Planet Fitness members have direct knowledge of the amazing advantages of hydro-massage. They claim to feel more at ease, have better sleep, and notice changes in their general wellbeing.

How Hydromassage Works

The secret to hydro-massage is the clever placement of water and air jets within a massage bed that is specifically made for the purpose. You may regulate the massage’s intensity and focal point by adjusting the jets to your liking. Each session will be tailored to your particular needs thanks to this personalized experience.

How to Use the Planet Fitness Hydromassage Machine

Now that you’ve been persuaded by the advantages, let’s talk about how to get the most out of your Planet Fitness hydro-massage session.

  • Make sure you’re a member: Make sure you have a Basic membership because hydro-massage is a benefit that is only available to these people.
  • Availability: In your Planet Fitness facility, locate the hydro-massage bed or chair. Usually, they are in the area called the “relaxation zone.”
  • Ready for Relaxation: Change into comfortable gear, such as gym clothes or a swimsuit, in order to get ready for relaxation, you’ll want to feel at ease during your session.
  • Personalize your Experience: Adapt the settings on the hydro-massage bed or chair to your preferences to personalize your experience. For ultimate comfort, you may regulate the intensity, speed, and target locations.
  • Appreciate the Session: Relax while the warm water and specialized massage jets do their magic. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and relax any tension.
women doing hydromassage at planet fitness

Experiencing Hydromassage at Planet Fitness

If hydro-massage is new to you, you might be unsure of what to anticipate from a session. A sample of the encounter is given below:

  • A cozy massage bed: You will be given access to a cozy massage bed where you can unwind.
  • Adjustable Water Jets: The water jets are where the magic happens. The intensity and focus of the jets can be adjusted to target particular areas or offer a general sense of relaxation.
  • Attire: Wearing comfortable workout clothes is advised for your hydro-massage session. That way, you can take full advantage of the opportunity.
  • Duration: The majority of hydro-massage treatments run 10 to 15 minutes on average, making it an easy fit into your hectic schedule.

Actual Experiences

We spoke with some of the Planet Fitness members to give you a deeper understanding of the hydromassage industry. Here are some comments regarding their hydro-massage experiences:

Member 1: “I never imagined that I would eagerly anticipate going to the gym just for the hydro-massage. It’s now a part of my post-workout routine. I feel comfortable and ready to take on anything when I leave the gym.

Member 2: “My life has transformed since using a hydro-massage bed because I have chronic pain.. I’m really grateful to Planet Fitness for offering this option.

Member 3: “My primary reason for joining Planet Fitness was for their hydro-massage, and it hasn’t let me down. It seems like a mini-vacation within my exercise regimen.

Comparing Hydromassage to Other Fitness Amenities

Hydro-massage distinguishes out as a special relaxation option at Planet Fitness among the many services it provides to improve your fitness journey. Let’s contrast hydro-massage with some of the additional gym amenities:


A convenient post-workout option is this massage. Hydro-massage is rapid and doesn’t involve getting undressed or extra effort, in contrast to saunas or lounges, which may require more time and preparation.


You may customize your this massage experience, which is what makes it unique. You can adjust the power and focus of the water jets to customize the massage to your unique needs.

Recovery Advantages

While conventional massage therapy has its advantages, hydro-massage has its own special set of advantages. It eases tension, boosts circulation, and relieves muscle soreness—all of which are especially helpful after a challenging workout.

Tips for Maximizing Your Hydromassage Experience

Following these suggestions will help you get the most out of your hydro-massage session:

  • Arrive Early: To guarantee you obtain your favorite time slot, schedule your session for when the gym is less crowded.
  • Hydrate: Stay hydrated by drinking water before and after your appointment to maximize the therapeutic effects of the massage.
  • Relax: Avoid distractions and stress during your session. Pay attention to the relaxing effects of the warm water jets.
  • Wear the Right Clothes: To get the most out of your hydromassage, you should wear comfortable workout clothes. It enables the water jets to perform their miracle painlessly.


Q1: Can I use the hydromassage beds whenever I go to the gym?
A1: You can use them whenever you like. Sessions of this massage can last for as long as desired.

Q2: Do hydromassage sessions take place in private?
A2: The hydromassage beds and chairs are situated in a quiet space intended for solitude and relaxation.

Q3: Is hydromassage safe to use if I’m sick?
A3: While it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor, this massage is generally safe for the majority of people. However, speak with your doctor first if you have any specific worries.

Final Thoughts on Planet Fitness’ Hydromassage

It might completely alter your training regimen to include hydromassage. It’s a cheap, practical, and adaptable approach to unwind, recuperate, and de-stress. Everyone may now use this amenity thanks to Planet Fitness, who has made it affordable so that everyone can take advantage of its calming effects.

Consider treating yourself to a hydromassage treatment the next time you visit a Planet Fitness gym. Your body will appreciate you, and when you leave the gym, you’ll feel revived and revitalized, ready to attack your fitness objectives with new enthusiasm.

Visit the Planet Fitness Hydromassage Page for additional details on this service and other services offered by the gym. Check out our post on this massage advantages: What the Research Says if you’re interested in learning more about the scientific evidence for its health advantages. For a genuinely relaxing session, learn Tips for Maximizing Your this massage Experience.

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